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Need Help With Your Structured Settlement?

Finding A Certified Structured Settlement Consultant

Selling a structured settlement annuity is a great way to turn regular monthly annuity payments into a lump sum of cash that you have immediate access to. Many people prefer to control their settlement funds in full rather than to have the payments doled out to them over the course of years or decades. If you have decided to move forward with the sale of your structured settlement annuity, it is wise to work with a certified structured settlement consultant. The right consultant can assist you in getting quality offers on your annuity from legitimate, qualified buyers, and he or she can also assist you in analyzing the offers to find the best overall deal. However, it is important to choose your broker with care if you want the best overall experience from the sales process.

Licensing and Certifications

Finding A Certified Structured Settlement ConsultantOne of the first factors you should review when looking for an annuity broker is their licensing and certifications. The broker should be appropriately licensed to provide this service in your state, and the license should be in good standing. There are several different certifications that a broker may have, and certifications attest to the training and experience a broker has. While having more certifications is a plus, it is more important for the broker to be certified and experienced in the type of annuities that you are working with. Furthermore, some brokers only have experience setting up an annuity, others have additional experience selling them. Review each of these points carefully to make an informed decision.

The Broker’s Reputation

By taking these steps, you may easily narrow down your list of options to a handful of top structured settlement annuity consultants. With the current list you have developed, you can research each broker online. Read online consumer reviews, and check the Better Business Bureau rating for his or her company. You can learn a lot about the experience you can expect from working with a specific broker when you read online reviews posted by actual consumers. Focus on factors like the level of customer service the broker provides, the speed of service, how responsive and communicative the broker is and other relevant factors.

The Services Offered in Comparison to the Fees Charged

Finding A Certified Structured Settlement Consultant 2You may be able to eliminate a few brokers from your list by reading online consumer reviews and checking their company’s Better Business Bureau rating, but your research work is not done yet. A final factor to research is the type of services offered, and you can compare this against the fees charged. Some structured settlement annuities brokers, for example, only work with one or two types of annuity products, and these may not be the product that you are currently using. Some may offer to guide you through the entire sales process, and others may only connect you to the right buyer. While fees can vary considerably from broker to broker, you may find it worthwhile to pay for more comprehensive services. This is because the process of selling an annuity can be complicated if you navigate through the steps on your own.

While there may be benefits associated with receiving regular monthly payments from a structured settlement annuity, it can be even more beneficial to receive a lump sum cash payment for the full annuity value. Selling an annuity is not a matter to take lightly, and the first step to take is to contract the services of a reputable, experienced annuities broker with experience in selling annuities to a buyer. Through these steps, you can make an informed decision about which broker to work with.