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Need Help With Your Structured Settlement?

Finding a Structured Settlement Attorney

Finding a good structured settlement lawyer requires a well-thought approach. We often encounter several cases of people purporting to be settlement lawyers. We have also heard about sellers who have been conned in the process. To avoid such predicaments when selling your structured settlements, you need to employ effective search criteria when looking for a settlement lawyer. Here are important tips on how you should choose a good settlement attorney.

Ask for recommendations

You can ask for recommendations and referrals from friends, relatives or workmates who have had a previous experience with a settlement attorney. A person who had a good experience will be more than willing to give you a recommendation. You can also get a good settlement lawyer from the American Bar Association referral service. Such referral services will at least provide you with accurate information about suitable lawyers within your neighborhood.

Do some research

thinkingResearch is vital whenever you are looking for a settlement lawyer. Most lawyers have online platforms through which they tell people their qualifications. Go to the lawyer’s website and determine whether he has what it takes to handle your case. Read about his or her qualifications and level of training. Check the Bar Association’s website to see if there is any disciplinary action taken against him. You can also look at online reviews on a particular lawyer and see what people say about him. To save time, you need to do a thorough background search on the list of recommended lawyers you get from friends, workmates and relatives.

Make an appointment

Make a short list of lawyers you think are best suited for the settlement and schedule an appointment with each one of them. Most settlement lawyers do consultation services for free. However, you need to make sure you know whether the lawyer charges a consultation fee or not to avoid unexpected problems during the time of appointment. If you are too far from the attorney, you can schedule a phone consultation instead.

Ask questions

Once you successfully secure an appointment, you need to prepare some objective questions for the lawyer. Ask the lawyer about his level of experience and academic qualifications. Get to know the amount of money the lawyer will charge for the services. Know the amount of time the attorney will take to complete the structured settlement project. This is also the right time to know about the number of cases the attorney has handled successfully.

Get an attorney who you can work with comfortably

Finding a Structured Settlement Attorney 2Structured settlement transactions are often complicated and risky. Therefore, you need someone who you can comfortably tell all the secrets without any compromise. The attorney should not make you uncomfortable in any way. He should be in a position to answer all the questions you might have and attend to your needs on time. In case you have more than one attorney that has the qualifications you are looking for, go for the one you feel most comfortable with.

Other critical features of a good settlement attorney include the knowledge of the subject at hand and the level of responsiveness. Someone who promises to get back to you and fails to do so should be the last in your list of most preferred structured settlement lawyers. You will realize you have found the right lawyer for your settlement needs when he begins to talk to you about the process it takes to secure a settlement deal. He or she will keep you updated on new developments and problems along the way. A good lawyer will also keep you posted on extra expenses he incurs during the case. Above all, he will be on your side whether things are looking good or not.