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Need Help With Your Structured Settlement?

Metlife Structured Settlement Review

What is a Structured Settlement?

An injury or death occurs. Who is responsible? In some cases an individual or a company may be deemed to be the at-fault party. As a result, there are three main instances when a structured settlement is awarded: personal injury, wrongful death, and workers compensation. In these cases, the settlement monetary amount can be quite substantial, so the insurance company can elect to pay the court ordered amount over a period of time. This is known as a structured settlement.

Metlife has an excellent reputation in many financial arenas. In fact, they have been one of the top providers of structured settlements for over 30 years. Thus, they have established a solid reputation in this financial area. The goal of Metlife is to offer solutions that will be mutually beneficial to both the plaintiff and the defendant. They work to make the situation a win-win for all parties involved.

Metlife logoConsider a structured settlement vs a lump sum payment. It is important to carefully examine this choice. While a lump sum payment may seem quite attractive for the moment, in the overall scheme of things, will this be the best option for you and your family.

With a lump sum, obviously, the money can be depleted more quickly, so it is important to make sure if you choose this option, you are very wise with how the money is used. Investing a majority of it is a essential part of a successful strategy. Tragically, many people that receive a very substantial lump sum payment are broke after only a few years. This is truly tragic when that money could have lasted them the rest of their life if it had been invested and managed wisely.

Metlife is committed to educating you the structured settlement recipient. The court has ordered that your payment be paid over the long haul, so will you decide to wait it out or will you choose to get the payout amount. The choice is yours.

A structured settlement is tax-free income versus a lump sum payment that is taxed. This can be an important part of the decision making process. Payments over the long haul can be more beneficial to your family. You will know that the money will be extended for a long period of time, so there will be some financial security.

A structured settlement will be paid over your lifetime in most cases and it is able to be passed down to your heirs, so the money is not lost. You get all of the award that you were awarded and deserve. A buy out will cost some fees, but if you need the money immediately, a lump sum can be the answer.

Metlife Structured Settlement Review

Whatever choice you make, the ball is in your court. Congratulate yourself on the win. Although you have suffered a great loss, injury and been wronged in some way. Monetary compensation can help make your situation better. Now, you can get the medical treatment you need, pay medical bills, provide for yourself and your family. You can finally go about the business of trying to create a new normal without the financial stress that an injury or death of a loved one can bring.

Money does not make the injury go away or bring the loved one back, but it can bring peace of mind. Structured settlement companies like, Metlife are instrumental in both brokering structured settlements and buyouts. They can provide services on whatever level you need.

The reputation is solid, they have a proven track record, and the customer service is superior. Take a look at Metlife, they can literally change your life.