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Need Help With Your Structured Settlement?

Oasis Structured Settlement Review

Oasis Funding is a company that considers itself as a legal funding institution. The company provides monies to people who are in the middle of legal cases. The firm specializes in helping people who have fallen victim in a personal injury situations. They understand that such people often suffer through hardships while they are waiting for their cases to conclude. They also understand that people who have structured settlements sometimes cannot make ends meet. Specialists at Oasis want to make their lives easier while they are waiting for their cases to wrap up. Many people come to Oasis because neither credit score nor employment status has anything to do with loan approval.

Qualifying for Oasis Financing

oasisQualifying for help from Oasis Financing is quite easy. The person must be 18 years of age or older with a personal injury case and a lawyer. The specialists at Oasis can cover a broad range of personal injury cases such as medical malpractice, dog bites, slip and fall incidents, work injuries and more.

Structured Settlement Help

People who have already won their cases can sell their structured settlements to Oasis and get the money within 45 days. That’s much better than waiting an entire year for funds. Additionally, such people do not have to sell their entire annuities. They can sell only part of it if they would rather have it that way.

Benefits of Oasis Over Other Companies

Clients can reap many benefits by dealing with Oasis over similar companies. One benefit is that the company offers generous rates. Another benefit is that people who are in the middle of cases do not have to pay the loans back if the attorney does not win the case. The loans that Oasis gives are risk free. Additionally, Oasis promises to provide clients with the monies in only a few hours. That is amazing.

How to Apply for Help

Oasis StructuredAn interested person can call on the phone or use a short form to get in touch with a specialist. The specialist will then ask for the attorney’s information. It is imperative that the attorney be available and cooperate because that is the only way that the experts at Oasis will help.

The expert will offer the customer an amount. If the customer agrees to it, then that person will have to sign an agreement. After the person signs the agreement, Oasis will deliver the funds. The process is truly that simple. It makes no sense for a person not to try to at least call Oasis and ask about the deal that it can offer. The phone number that interested parties can call is 877-333-6675. The alternative is to hit the “Apply in seconds” button. That will take the person to a page to complete the necessary question answers so that the process can move along quickly. An interested person also has the option to speak with someone via the chat feature. The chat feature will allow the person to speak to a representative on the computer.

What Customers Say About Oasis

Customers have a lot of positive words to say about Oasis when they discuss it. They like to use terms such as quick, kind, courteous and compassionate. Consumers gave the company an overall rating of about 4.1 on the BBB website. That’s an amazing rating that prospects can trust.

If you are in the midst of a lawsuit or struggling with structured settlements, you may want to contact Oasis Financial. An Oasis is a good thing to have in the middle of a world of financial trouble.