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How AIG Can Help You Setup a Structured Settlement Scheme

A structured settlement scheme is when a settlement is paid out in certain amounts continually by a structured company. Structured payments have become more popular than lump sum payments because of the benefits that they offer. There is an interest rate on the...
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What Is A Structured Settlement Annuity?

Many people are injured each year because of another person’s or company’s negligence or intentional actions. Some people even lose their lives because of devastating events caused by others, and their loved ones may suffer financially for years to come as a result....
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Structured Settlement vs Lump Sum

Many civil lawsuits, especially personal injury cases, are settled by both parties before they go to trial. This course of action is taken in most cases in order to avoid the high costs of a trial and to provide a quicker resolution to the suit. Once a dollar amount...
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Lawsuit Essentials: What Is a Structured Settlement?

Lawsuit Essentials: What Is a Structured Settlement? When individuals sustain personal injuries as a result of another party’s actions or negligence, they often choose to sue the at-fault entity in pursuit of compensation. Those who win their cases, however, may...
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The Perils Of Selling Structured Settlements For Cash

These days, quite a few people are trying to cash in their structured settlements by selling their settlements to third parties for lump sums of cash. Starting in the 1990s, a variety of companies rose to prominence by purchasing these structured payment plans at...
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Benefits of Working With Prudential Structured Settlements

Prudential Structured Settlements has assisted physical injury victims together with their families for more than 30 years. The company was established in 1984. It has been committed to this crucial marketplace. Prudential Structured Settlements continue to cater for... read more

Why Choose Allstate Structured Settlements

Allstate is a financial insurance company that deals with structured settlements. The company also assists clients to sell their structured settlement to a third party in the case that requires a lump sum amount. This may occur if the person wants to make an... read more

How to Guide: Selling Your Structured Settlement

Structuring your settlements are a great option for those who like keeping to a strong payment schedule. Getting regularly scheduled withdrawals is not only responsible money handling but can work on boosting your credit score. However, life in unpredictable and you... read more

Best Structured Settlement Companies Review

What is a Structured Settlement? A structured settlement is when a person is made to pay monies to another to right a wrong. These are usually civil cases where the at-fault person must make the other person whole or compensate them for damages caused. Nearly 40... read more

Who Buys Structured Settlements?

Through a civil lawsuit, many people are awarded financial compensation, and the court often decides to dole out this compensation in the form of structured settlement annuity payments. These are usually equal monthly installment payments that are provided to you for... read more

Getting A Structured Settlement Loan

Many people enjoy the regular monthly income that a structured settlement annuity provides, but there are instances when more cash is needed right now than the annuity payments provide. You may be taking a closer look at the face value of your annuity and wondering if... read more

Structured Settlements For Minors

Parents can file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of children that were injured or otherwise negatively affected by an incident, and the courts may award children financial compensation in the form of a structured settlement annuity. The parents or legal guardians... read more

What Are My Structured Settlement Annuity Options?

If you won a civil lawsuit and were awarded financial compensation as a result, the payout from the lawsuit may have been provided to you in the form of a structured settlement annuity. Rather than receive a lump sum amount at one time, the entire payout from the... read more

I want to sell my structured settlement. Now What?

In many instances, those who win a civil lawsuit are awarded financial compensation as a result. In some cases, the financial compensation is awarded with a lump sum payment, but many times, the compensation is provided in the form of a structured settlement annuity.... read more

Metlife Structured Settlement Review

What is a Structured Settlement? An injury or death occurs. Who is responsible? In some cases an individual or a company may be deemed to be the at-fault party. As a result, there are three main instances when a structured settlement is awarded: personal injury,... read more

What Is a Structured Settlement?

Legal settlements are wonderful because they can take care of an accident victim, but sometimes they can be less wonderful than the recipient wants them to be. Structured settlements are settlements that the payer does not pay using the normal method of payment. For... read more

How To Get A Structured Settlement Payout Fast

Selling a structured settlement annuity is often preferred over keeping established annuity payments in place. While the annuity payments may provide you with a steady stream of income, you may have thoughtful plans for the use of the lump sum amount of your annuity.... read more

Workers Compensation Structured Settlements

After a workplace injury, you may file a workers compensation claim and be awarded a structured settlement with regular monthly payments. In some cases, such as if the worker is able to be rehabilitated and return to work, the structured payments may cease after a... read more

Structured Settlement Examples

What is a Structured Settlement? Large settlement amounts in civil lawsuits are often paid out in a structured settlement. These civil cases are generally the product of a at fault party causing some type of harm or damage to another person. The person has experienced... read more

Structured Settlements Calculators List

There is no question there are a lot of benefits to a structured settlement. They offer the plaintiff the certainty of a fixed payment over a certain period of time, they can be tailored, and they also are also protected by the laws in many states if an insurance... read more

Should You Accept a Structured Settlement?

When someone wins a lawsuit, the damages are typically paid in the form of a single lump-sum payment. However, some people opt for structured settlements instead, in which the damages are paid out over a period of time. If you are in the process of filing a lawsuit... read more

Structured Settlements: Pros and Cons

The constant bombardment of advertisements urging people with structured settlements to cash them in and get their money now is enough to make anyone curious. What are structured settlements? What are their pros and cons? What Is a Structured Settlement? Often the... read more

Structured Settlement Guide – Laws, Options & Types

A structured settlement is drawn up when someone is entitled to receive a large sum of money and either chooses to receive it in monthly installments or receives it that way because the party obligated to make the payment cannot pay the large amount as a lump sum. For... read more

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