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Structured Settlements: Pros and Cons

The constant bombardment of advertisements urging people with structured settlements to cash them in and get their money now is enough to make anyone curious. What are structured settlements? What are their pros and cons? What Is a Structured Settlement? Often the...
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Structured Settlement vs Lump Sum

Many civil lawsuits, especially personal injury cases, are settled by both parties before they go to trial. This course of action is taken in most cases in order to avoid the high costs of a trial and to provide a quicker resolution to the suit. Once a dollar amount...
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Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments

Receiving a structured settlement annuity from a civil lawsuit can be a dream come true for some. Annuities provide you with a guaranteed income stream that can be used to supplement lost wages, to cover ongoing medical expenses and more. However, while others find...
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What Are My Structured Settlement Annuity Options?

If you won a civil lawsuit and were awarded financial compensation as a result, the payout from the lawsuit may have been provided to you in the form of a structured settlement annuity. Rather than receive a lump sum amount at one time, the entire payout from the...
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Who Buys Structured Settlements?

Through a civil lawsuit, many people are awarded financial compensation, and the court often decides to dole out this compensation in the form of structured settlement annuity payments. These are usually equal monthly installment payments that are provided to you for...
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The Perils Of Selling Structured Settlements For Cash

These days, quite a few people are trying to cash in their structured settlements by selling their settlements to third parties for lump sums of cash. Starting in the 1990s, a variety of companies rose to prominence by purchasing these structured payment plans at... read more

How The Best Structured Settlement Companies Operate

Structured settlements are designed to offer people financial security over extended periods of time. Converting a structured settlement into a lump sum payment typically involves paying an appreciable fee. Generally speaking, financial advisors do not recommend... read more

Lawsuit Essentials: What Is a Structured Settlement?

Lawsuit Essentials: What Is a Structured Settlement? When individuals sustain personal injuries as a result of another party’s actions or negligence, they often choose to sue the at-fault entity in pursuit of compensation. Those who win their cases, however, may... read more

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