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Finding a Structured Settlement Attorney

Finding a good structured settlement lawyer requires a well-thought approach. We often encounter several cases of people purporting to be settlement lawyers. We have also heard about sellers who have been conned in the process. To avoid such predicaments when selling...
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How AIG Can Help You Setup a Structured Settlement Scheme

A structured settlement scheme is when a settlement is paid out in certain amounts continually by a structured company. Structured payments have become more popular than lump sum payments because of the benefits that they offer. There is an interest rate on the...
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Genex Capital Structured Settlement Review

The Basics on a Structured Settlement A structured settlement is a way that you can receive periodic payments for a legal settlement that you have received in installments rather than in one lump sum. You may have first heard of structured settlements from television...
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Understanding NSSTA

The NSSTA (National Structured Settlements Trade Association) has been the top voice in the industry of structured settlements since 1985. There are approximately 1,200 NSSTA members who benefit from the activities of the association up to date. Some of these benefits...
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Structured Settlement Annuity Companies Review

What is a Structured Settlement? Structured settlements are usually paid when an individual or company is ordered to right a wrong to another person. The party that has experienced the wrong will bring a lawsuit and when the court orders a settlement amount, if it is...
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The Perils Of Selling Structured Settlements For Cash

These days, quite a few people are trying to cash in their structured settlements by selling their settlements to third parties for lump sums of cash. Starting in the 1990s, a variety of companies rose to prominence by purchasing these structured payment plans at... read more

How The Best Structured Settlement Companies Operate

Structured settlements are designed to offer people financial security over extended periods of time. Converting a structured settlement into a lump sum payment typically involves paying an appreciable fee. Generally speaking, financial advisors do not recommend... read more

Lawsuit Essentials: What Is a Structured Settlement?

Lawsuit Essentials: What Is a Structured Settlement? When individuals sustain personal injuries as a result of another party’s actions or negligence, they often choose to sue the at-fault entity in pursuit of compensation. Those who win their cases, however, may... read more

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