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Need Help With Your Structured Settlement?

Peachtree Structured Settlement Review

Sometimes, you just need your money now. That is often the case for many when they have received a settlement after a lawsuit, annuity, lottery win and more. If you are in a situation where you would prefer or even require your money in one lump sum instead of regular monthly payments, then you will want to look into what services are available from financial companies. Peachtree Settlement Funding is one of the best known companies to offer you the opportunity to get your money in a single lump sum instead of having to receive monthly payment installments. To decide whether this is the company you want to rely on for the service, it is worth knowing what to expect.

peachtreePeachtree Settlement Funding is owned by another well known financial company, JG Wentworth. Like its parent company, Peachtree is a buyer of structured settlements. You can use its services for getting your settlement money in one lump sum, helping you to more easily make purchases on a home or vehicle or to pay off medical or legal expenses or more.

The company claims that its process is an easy one that allows you to get your money in 90 days or fewer. It is a division of Peachtree Financial, owned by JG Wentworth. The company has been in business since 1996 and boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peachtree has faced 13 complaints over the years, but these have all been closed. Most often, the complaints stemmed from an issue of poor customer service.

Depending on your specific needs, Peachtree Settlement Funding can purchase all or just some of your payments. The company states that it has a high rate of court approvals for buying settlements, something that is regulated by state laws. In addition, if necessary, Peachtree can provide you with an immediate cash advance if you need one.

There are five steps that go into the company buying your structured settlement and receiving your lump sum payment. These are:

  • You discuss your needs with Peachtree to ensure that the company can meet those needs
  • Determine the value of your structured settlement and decide with the company which options are the best for you
  • The company gathers your information, collects the appropriate paperwork and answers any and all questions you have
  • Prepare for the court process
  • Collect your finances

Peachtree Structured Settlement Review 2One of the advantages about using Peachtree Settlement Funding for this service is that the company provides a free quote to its customers. However, it is worth noting that, just as with other financial companies to offer this service, you do not receive 100 percent of your money. Instead, you are charged a fee of anywhere between 10 and 20 percent for the service. That means that if your settlement is $1 million, you will only receive $900,000 or $800,000 as your single lump sum payment. Peachtree will keep the rest as it goes toward its fee.

Overall, Peachtree Settlement Funding is a good choice if you are desperate to get your structured settlement converted to one lump sum of money. It allows you to more quickly get all of your money, so you are free to pay off any immediate debt or make payments on extremely large purchases such as a house. However, if you have a negative feeling about losing a percentage of your money for such a service, you might want to hold off on Peachtree altogether.