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Need Help With Your Structured Settlement?

I Have a Structured Settlement, and I Need Cash Now

You have a reason to rejoice if you have a structured settlement. You have payments that will keep coming to you for an extended period of time. However, you may be a little bit on edge because you have to wait for all of your payments, and they may be small. You may need a large sum of money now for a large purchase or to keep you afloat while you are recovering from your injury. Your structured settlement may seem sub-par if you are unable to do that with it. The good news is that you can use your settlement to get cash now if you need it.

You Can Sell Your Structured Settlement

i have a structured settlement and i need cash nowYes, it is true that buyers take structured settlements from people who need a lump sum of cash. It is true that you can sell your structured settlement as early as today. Companies exist that strictly deal with people who are in your same position. You do not have to beg family members and friends for help with your bills while you wait for your yearly, quarterly or monthly settlement payment. You can contact one of these settlement buyers today and just sell a portion of your settlement at that time. You can sell the entire thing if you like. You will be glad that you put forth the effort.

 Qualities to Look for in a Buyer

You will want to find a reputable buyer if you go the route of selling your structured settlement. You can ask friends and family members for a referral, or you can opt to use the Yellow Pages or search engines for a list of companies that focus on purchasing structured settlements. The elements that you should look for are positive consumer reviews, excellent per-dollar rates, glowing customer service and statistics that show success with a number of clients. Additionally, high Better Business Bureau ratings are a plus.

How the Process Works

Structured SettlementThe process starts when you first contact the buyer with your inquiry. The buyer contacts you back and then asks you some questions about your case. Most structured settlement buyers want to speak to your attorney just to gauge the clarity and gain some validity on the case. After the buyer reviews your case, that person will then make an offer to you. You can either accept or reject the offer that gets handed to you. If you accept it, then you may be able to get cash in your hands within one or two days. You can use the money for any purpose you like such as catching up on your bills or taking a vacation. Buyers have no control over what you do with the funds. Personal freedom is what you will get in exchange for your “structured” settlement.

Contact Someone Today

Call a local structured settlement buyer and get the process started ASAP. Just let someone know that you would like to sell your settlement and receive the most money that you can get for it possible. A specialist will be delighted to work with you on the matter. You can make your initial contact by short form or telephone call.